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Contact us through your preferred method of chat, email or call. You may also simply enter zip code to find the closest DECU location to you.

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Will I still be able to access my account online?

Yes, this does not affect Online or Mobile Banking where you access your accounts.

Why the URL name change to deereemployeescu.com?

In 2005, we changed our name from Deere and Company Credit Union to Deere Employees Credit Union. We are simply updating our website URL to more closely match our name.

There was nothing wrong with your old site, can you please explain why the upgrade?

We believe it’s important to provide you with the best digital experience possible. The new website is easier to navigate, contains more information, guides viewers, and better represents our overall Deere Employees Credit Union brand.

With my stored information, will this carry over to the new website?

Unfortunately, your browser will more than likely not carry over your login credentials.

Where is the login box? (Unlock/Reset Password)

Simply click the dark green button labeled “Log In” in the upper right hand corner. Here you can log into Online Banking, reset your password, unlock your account or sign up if you’re a first time user.

I am looking for an online form, where can I find those?

All online forms can be found on our resources page under the Learn tab.

How do I become/qualify for membership?

To learn more about becoming a DECU member, visit our Membership page under the Learn tab once the new site is live.

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