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DECU is partnering with retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Instacart, Target, Venmo and Walmart to make updating your accounts easy. Click for a full list of participating retailers.

• Abercrombie & Fitch
• Alaska Airlines
• Amazon
• Apple
• Audible
• Bed Bath and Beyond
• Best Buy
• Bouqs
• Cabelas
• Carters
• Chewy
• Costco
• Cracker Barrel
• Crunchyroll
• Dollar Shave Club
• DoorDash
• Dribble
• Enterprise
• Expedia
• Extended Stay America
• fuboTV
• Grubhub
• Hawaiian Airlines

• Hulu
• Instacart
• JCPenney
• Lowes
• Lululemon
• Macys
• Marriott
• National Car Rental
• Netflix
• Orbitz
• Petco
• Rakuten
• Safeway
• Scribd
• Spirit Airlines
• Spotify
• Stitch Fix
• Target
• The Globe and Mail
• Venmo
• Walgreens
• Walmart

Why should I use the DECU Retailer Wallet?

Simply put, it will make your life easier! Unlike tediously updating online accounts one at a time, this wallet will allow you to do it all at once in one place.

If my billing and shipping information are different will it update both in the tool?

No, the DECU Retailer Wallet will request your billing information, but it does not prompt shipping information.  If your billing and shipping information are different you will need to update your shipping information directly on the retailers website.

Is there a fee to update my cards?

Nope! This is a completely free tool to Deere Employee Credit Union Members.

Is it secure?

Yes! End-to-end encryption means no one can access your sensitive information but you.

What information is stored?

None of your personally identifiable information is stored during or upon completion of updating your sites. Your sensitive information is securely and permanently discarded once it is placed on the intended account you have chosen.

What if I do not know my login information?

For the protection of your account you will need to know your username/email and password to complete the updates within the wallet. If you do not know your username and password please navigate directly to the retailer website and retrieve/request login information.

What if I received an email stating one of the site updates failed?

Just check to make sure you provided the right login credentials, or you may go to the sites individually and update them manually.

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